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We believe our skill set combined with our collector's experience gives us a great opportunity to consistently exceed your expectations. 
Our collectors' average over 21 years of collections which means we have experienced most accounts receivable situations and we have confidence in knowing how to handle even your most delicate and challenging accounts. Our representatives will work with your customers amicably to resolve any issues until their balance is settled.
Our strategy in collecting is always to use the customer service approach. Professionalism and intelligence of the collection process are the basis of our success. We realize it is very important for us to maintain the relationship that you worked very hard to achieve.


While providing quality collection services to your accounts, we promise to be extremely easy to work with, for you and your staff. Even though we are collecting on your accounts, you remain in charge. While we are confident in our strategies we understand and appreciate the input of our clients.
We communicate with our clients via telephone and e-mail and we try to be the least intrusive as possible.

Blurred Office Interior


Our collection process is logical and progressive.  After receiving your placement via e-mail, fax or hard copy, we enter the account into our "Collect" software system. Immediately, the first letter is generated,  the file is assigned to a collector and an initial contact via telephone is attempted. 
If immediate payment is not secured, our collectors will work with your customer and
determine what obstacles need to be overcome in order for the balance to be paid.  As you understand, there are many reasons for nonpayment and our collectors need to change strategy and utilize multiple collection tools.

Contacting your customer on the telephone and speaking with the correct party is the first of many challenges that we may face.  We subscribe to several online services for skip tracing and we can get a lot of pertinent information from web-sites such as the Secretary of State's Office. 
Information is vital to our success on challenging accounts and we know where to look.  Once contacted, our collectors will use their expertise to get the account paid as quickly as possible. 
When we uncover a bankruptcy, we will gather the appropriate information and file the proof of claim on your behalf.


Our reporting is unsurpassed and we are extremely confident that we will provide all the information needed to meet any requirements that you may have.
An acknowledgment will be e-mailed to our contact person once placements are made to confirm receipt and balance.
On a monthly basis, you will receive open and close reports, so that you will understand all the accounts that we are working for you.
On a monthly basis, we will also provide you an invoice that will detail all money received during the past month.  As accounts are collected, we deposit all money in a separate company trust account for distribution on the first business day of the next month.  If any additional reporting is needed, please let us know and we can accommodate you.


Our fees are on a contingency basis for commercial and consumer balances.  There are no hidden costs, the only time your costs may be increased is if you want us to forward an account to an attorney.  In such a case we would present all costs to you before proceeding.
Thank you very much for your consideration.  If viewed favorably, you would be a very
important addition to our family of satisfied clients and I can guarantee you an extremely diligent effort at exceeding all of your expectations.​

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