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Our managers average over 24 years of collections experience, which means we have
experienced most account receivable situations and have confidence in knowing how to handle even the most delicate and challenging accounts.


Our American Collectors Association certified representatives will work with your
customers amicably to resolve any issues until their balance is brought to its logical conclusion.
Our strategy in collecting is always to use the customer service approach.  Professionalism and
intelligence of the collection process are the basis of our success. We realize it is very important
for us to maintain the relationship that you worked very hard to achieve.

Blurred Office Interior


While providing quality collection services to your accounts, we promise to be extremely easy to work with, for you and your staff. Even though we are collecting on your accounts, you remain in charge.   While we are confident in our strategies we understand and appreciate the input of our clients.
We take the time to learn your way of communicating so that we are an asset and not an obstacle to your daily workflow.

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